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SalesPress Graphics Plugin

[cuf1]Four Tools in One Plugin![/cuf1]

[cuf2] So Simple, a 10 Year Old Could use it![/cuf2]

Are you constantly in need of a killer headline image, buy now button, order area graphic, or a guarantee graphic?

We all know that creating high quality graphics is the best way to boost conversion rates. Not only that, is also shows a sense of professionalism and trust with your clients and customers.

There are a few ways to create high converting sales graphics:

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  • You can spend hours creating them yourself & more time uploading them to WordPress…
  • You can search the net trying to find a decent designer who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg…
  • You can pay the big bucks and hire a professional graphic designer and spend HUNDREDS for a few graphics…[/bulleted]

[cuf2] However, most people can’t find or afford a really good graphic designer![/cuf2]

[cuf2] That’s where SalesPress Comes In![/cuf2]

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SalesPress offers 4 Graphic Creators to Choose From…

#1.The Headline Creator

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Generate stunning high converting sales headers with our Headline creator. The headline creator comes equipped with several features and options to make the most of your sales headers. Just type your sales text, select a few options and hit save, it’s that easy! No designer and NO EXPENSIVE PHOTOSHOP SOFTWARE!

Once saved, the image will generate and you’ll be able to view your final image. You can then copy the shortcode and add the image to any post or page. Or, if you don’t like how it turned out, you can delete the image from your server via the salespress settings panel.

Some cool Headline Creator Features..

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  • Choose from 6 different high converting fonts
  • Easily change font color
  • Highlight text[/bulleted]
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  • Underline Text
  • Extra hand drawn doodles & shapes
  • Circle specific text[/bulleted]


#2.The Guarantee Creator

Click for a better view

Risk free guarantees are another awesome way to boost conversions. They give the customer peace of mind and confidence to buy, knowing they can receive a refund if their purchase doesn’t live up to it’s hype.

Now you can create gorgeous guarantee boxes for your sales page with this creator. It comes packed with features and options, check them out below.

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  • Choose from 6 different high converting fonts
  • Easily change font color
  • 7 Background Options[/bulleted]
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  • 6 Graphic addon options
  • Change divider color
  • One click save [/bulleted]


#3.The Buy Now Button Creator

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Now you don’t have to waste time and money trying to create decent looking buy now buttons for your sales pages. The Buy Now Button creator is LOADED with various features and options. Creating great looking buy now buttons is SUPER FAST and EASY!

You can also drag and drop each graphic addon into any place you want on the button! Giving you complete control of your button layout.

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  • Choose from 6 different high converting fonts
  • Easily change font color
  • 15 button overlay effects[/bulleted]
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  • 7 Graphic addon options
  • Change stage BG color
  • One click save[/bulleted]


#4.The Belcher Button Creator

Belcher Button Creator

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The Belcher button is the most recognized buy now button in internet marketing. PROVEN to BOOST conversion rates, this button is a must for all sales pages!

Now you can create you own Belcher button with the SalesPress plugin. No photoshop needed, just select your font, background, addon graphics and click save, it’s THAT EASY!

In a matter of minutes you’ll have a high converting sales button for your product!
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  • Choose from 6 different high converting fonts
  • Easily change font color
  • 8 Backgrounds to choose from[/bulleted]
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  • 7 Graphic addon options
  • Change border color
  • One click save[/bulleted]

So There You Have It, 4 POWERFUL Tools to Create Killer Looking Sales Graphics in WordPress

[cuf2] All without Photoshop or Hiring expensive Designers.[/cuf2]

4 Graphic Creators To Choose From… 

Wether you need a killer headline image, buy now button, order area graphic, or a guarantee graphic, you can do it all with our SalesPress Plugin!

Point & Click Graphic Creation – No Design Skills Required 

The creators are made in Flash, and simple enough for anyone to use. Just click a few buttons and type in your copy and your ready to go!

Get The HTML Code For The Image Right Away! 

Once you created a graphic, we give you the Shortcode to paste on your post or page. Super simple!

One Easy To Use Back Office To Manage Your Graphics 

Easily look through all your graphics in the admin settings panel. When ever you want to get the Short code or prieview a graphic, its a simple click!

Simple Install – No Complex FTP Required! 

Just upload via the wordpress plugins panel and your ready to start using the product right away – no messing around with complex databases! – Guaranteed!

100% Risk Free Guarantee! 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our SalesPress Plugin, just send us an email within 30 days for a refund. Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

[cuf1]30 Day Guarantee [/cuf1]


Secure your spot at this crazy low price and start making high converting, premium quality sales graphics! Each purchase comes with free updates!

[cuf2] So what are you waiting for? Click on the button below and secure your spot today!![/cuf2]

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For PERSONAL use only! This Plugin/software may not be redistributed, resold, or freely given away.